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Evoke is an online consultation providing strategies derived from the principles of behavior change. It isn’t enough to decide to get healthy. It isn’t enough to sign up for a gym. Evoke supports you through your diet change and health regimen on a daily basis. Evoke helps you make the changes you desire and stick to them, long-term, until you meet your goals. Then, Evoke will help you to maintain your new lifestyle.


FuseHub Website Development Sproat Lake Landing Vancouver Island

“Working with FuseHub was an incredible experience. The FuseHub team worked collaboratively with me and found so many ways to bring my vision to life.

The first and most important aspect of this project was that it was more than just designing a website. The FuseHub team did so much more. They offer a variety of marketing services and offered new insights in to my project that I hadn’t even considered. It was clear that they dedicated a lot of time and energy into learning my field and finding the best ways to cater to my business’ audience. I was pleasantly surprised that they had previous experience working with a company that did something similar to mine and went the extra mile to find out more on their own time. They offered helpful suggestions on strategic marketing and some useful introductions to others in my industry. They also did an amazing logo for me 😉

The FuseHub team, specifically my website designer, felt more like a friend through this process than a consultant. He communicated the project expectations and scope to me early on and clearly. He also communicated throughout every step of the process, involving me in all the important decisions and always offering multiple options. It was amazing how much “magic” the team worked for me. They researched thoroughly to find the best and most budget conscious third party platforms to bring my business to life. Most importantly, they helped me to keep to timelines during the process so we could complete the project and launch even earlier than I had planned!

The FuseHub team did an amazing job working with my budget. I couldn’t believe how much more “expensive” and “legitimate” my website and materials looked while staying within my budget! I hadn’t thought it was possible!

I’ll be honest, I was dreading taking on this project at first because it was a big step and a big risk for me to build a business from the ground up. FuseHub made it so easy though. It felt more like emailing, texting and chatting with super knowledgeable friends! I felt like I wasn’t communicating my needs very clearly at times but the FuseHub team took it and ran! I was very pleased with their work and learned a lot about options I didn’t ever know existed.

My website has officially launched and I have already received so much positive feedback from friends, family, and strangers on the internet who say that it is so user friendly and looks professional and clean. I’m excited to pursue the next phase of my business and again partner with FuseHub!”
— Meghan Herron - Owner