Website Development

“A confused mind never buys”

Companies often think that dumping information on people hoping something will stick will get their attention. Yeah, that is not going to work. What’s really needed is information which is relevant to and entice visitors to take action. That is not being achieved by just building a beautiful website, something we do really well, but by using a clear and deep understanding of how the human eyes and brain works together in taking action. 

Visitors often leave Web pages within 10-20 seconds during which they ‘screen and glean’. Pages with a clear value proposition and the right flow to achieve your goal can hold people's attention for much longer.
If it takes the visitors too long to locate something, they will leave the site and find what they were looking for and were expecting to find, through another avenue. More important: you lost a potential customer or client.


Some free tips:

  • Start with a clear brand promise

  • Follow up with your value proposition

  • Communicate your verticals - build industry specific landing pages

  • Communicate your credibility - case studies/testimonials

  • Create Thought Leadership content - blog, video, white papers etc.

  • Give them options to contact you and/or learn more about you  


Always keep in mind that attention is a resource - a person has only so much of it.

Look, you’re still reading this page so there’s your proof - we’re good at what we do. Let us do it for you.

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