Video Lightbox

Video Lightbox


Turn any YouTube or Vimeo video on your Squarespace site into a beautiful Lightbox pop-up within 5 minutes.

Unlike other similar plugins this plugin works with

  • Regular text links

  • Buttons

  • All Image Blocks

  • Poster

  • Card

  • Overlap

  • Collage

  • Stack

  • For both text and button versions

Fully Customizable

Our plugin is fully customizable and allow you to define:

  • the colour of the background behind the lightbox

  • the opacity of the background behind the lightbox

  • your own close action e.g. Close or X or whatever you prefer.

  • your preferred video max width

All Devices and Web Browsers

The lightbox effect works on mobile, tablets and desktop computers, and is compatible with all modern web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome , Safari , Opera , Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Easy to Use

Simply paste the code into the Footer Area of the Code Injection and follow the instructions in the file included in your download.


Am I allowed to use the plugin on multiple sites?
If you pinky swear not to share it with others, and only use for your own developments, that is ok with us.

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available.

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